Proudly Australian made-to-measure

When you order a new kitchen or cabinetry project with Artra, we craft the pieces to your exact specifications. They are expertly cut to size, right here in Western Australia, ready to install in your home by our trained, qualified installers.

Artra is distinct from other kitchen and cabinetry companies in that we create kitchens and cabinets to suit any area… There are no size limitations (a common issue with pre-cut, flat-packed and mass produced kitchens).

Our ‘made-to-measure’ approach, coupled with our passion for capturing the beauty of raw, recycled or reclaimed timber and incorporating it into our clients homes if and when desired, ensures the production of one-off masterpieces.

With Artra, the Production stage of the process is an exciting and enjoyable one. You can relax, knowing that we take sincere pride in our tailored, flexible approach to production and superior craftsmanship.

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